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A world of coding 💻, by Alejandro Martinez

About me

Hello there! I'm Alejandro Martinez, a.k.a @alexito4 since the MSN Messenger days. I'm a Software Developer currently based in the beautiful city of Girona in Catalonia, Spain. I'm currently working as the Mobile Captain of Lifeworks.

I've always loved technology and since I got access to my first computer and internet I've been sharing my knowledge with it. From personal blogs to podcasts and vlogs!

If you're mildly interested on what I have to share don't hesitate on check out my profiles on the socials:

When not coding

I'm a lucky guy with a beautiful woman and cat by my side so usually you will find us enjoying the time together, probably watching some TV Show.

But when I get some free time I love to spend it in fantasy worlds. Usually that means playing videogames to enrich me with their mechanics and stories, but I love a good story no matter from where it comes so I also devour books and films. And I love to create my own stories too, so occasionally I will write some short story and even run a D&D campaign if the stars and planets align.

About this website

This is my personal website, first and foremost. The content here is about all the things I love, so obviously the bast majority is about development and Swift concretely. But this are not the exclusive topics of the site so I hope you stick around for the rest ^^