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AMPCraft is a Minecraft mod that I developed for a private server with some friends.

The main idea was to help the players with exploration. My goal was to provide some tools to be able to travel far away from our home base without sacrificing all the work. But at the end it resulted to be just a mod with random ideas.


  • Minecraft 1.7.2
  • Forge 1.7.2-

Crystal Ore:

This is an ore that you find on the world. With it you can create gems and dust.

Crystal Light:

Over the years the energy of the sun has been acumulated on the surface of the world.

Crystal Dark:

The acumulation of the darkness has generated this crystals deep within the caverns.

Dust light & Dust dark

The result of mining crystal ores.


The result of mining crystal ores.


The sundry is solidified Sun energy. Is a solid power source, but it's not a combustion power source.


Combining the energy of the sun (sundry) and fossil fuels (coal) you can generate this combustion power source. It's much more powerfoul than the coal.


It gathers the energy from the sun to produce Sundry. It just works when it is under direct sunlight.


For those times when you're deep in the mines and all you want to see is the sunlight.


Just a magnent for items. It is more powerful if you carry it on the hotbar but it also works when it's on your inventory. Also you can enable it to increate it's power.



Bollycao Milk (same effect as drinking milk):

Packet Ice (vanilla):


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