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Inide vs. "I've done this" developers

A very good episode (you should suscribe to Developing Prespective) and a very good post. But for me the most interesting and surprising part is this one:

I know many developers for whom the ultimate goal was simply to ship, and while the fleeting notion that they could derive some remuneration for their work was fun to muse about over a beer was never really the goal.

It's the first time that I see this thing in the, recently exploded, indie discussion. And it's interesting for me because this kind of developer it's what I am. I've always had my full time job and the Apps that I published under my name have been side projects, fun things to learn and say "I've done this". For me the money has never been the important part of this bussiness.

In the other hand I totally get that this kind of developer, if it hasn't any type of consideration, can hurt the rest of the community, specially the true indie community. Anyway, has been fun to feel that David Smith was taking about something with what I feel identified.

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