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Don’t be afraid of sharing

I realized that we all should write and share more.

Bear with me for a couple of technical paragraphs to explain you the motivation for this post.

In my technical community there has been a lot of people writing about all this new POP (Protocol Oriented Programming) trend. And I was surprised to see how little protocols were used before.

Yes, we didn’t have all the power that protocols have now on Swift 2 (with protocol extensions), but I was surprised anyway. I feel like in reality OOP has been always that, just types with some properties that respond to some methods to interact with each other.

As I said before I think that the way that I was taught in the University broke that part of the concept for me. The problem was not learning in Java or C++, the problem was the way things were explained. Always talking about specific objects and patterns, interfaces were only mentioned like a nice feature of the languages and something you had to know.

But when I started learning Objective-C I rediscovered what OOP was mean to be. It was more eye-opening when learning Smalltalk, a real OOP language with objects and messages all the way down.

I’m that kind of person that usually doesn’t share the work or the opinion because doesn’t think it will be useful for others, but now I’m seeing that I’m totally wrong. Even if it’s not useful, just the possibility that it can make someone else think about something is worth it. Maybe if more OOP people wrote more about the origins of it, and not so much about inheritance and all this fancy named patterns, we could be in a better position a long time ago.

This idea of sharing has been highly inspired by Ash Furrow. I’ve been enjoying his technical talks, but when he talks about sharing and teaching my eyes open even more.

“I love sharing knowledge – in the form of blog posts, podcasts, open source code, books” - Ash Furrow

This post is an example of that. I usually would not publish this type of thing, but here it is. Maybe you think I’m completely mistaken, maybe with this kind of thoughts one gets despised by others. But don’t think about that. Think that now in your head you have this post, this opinion, and your mind is debating internally if I’m right or no. Which in itself, is already a win for everyone.

Don’t be afraid of sharing.

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