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Apple listens to the community

After all the game changing announcements on the WWDC one of the words that is used a lot is "finally!". We're excited and happy that Apple as finally given us a new UI framework, FRP, etc. But it's interesting how the way we all talk implies that Apple has been ignoring us for years and until they woke up in 2019.

And although part of this is to blame to their secrecy, we need to be realistic. They can't announce something until is ready and they know it's a good compromise. Because everything official they give us will have to be maintained for decades to come. This is something that is often forgotten.

But everything indicates that this is far from the truth. That Apple is always working on what's next, that they listen, and when is ready for us, they give it to us.

Check out this tweet from Joe Groff that give us some insight into this:

Combine started before Swift existed!

And David Smith gives us more info:

This means that while everybody was arguing if FRP was the future or not, Apple was already giving it a try internally. And that when I was complaining years ago and wishing for a declarative UI, they're working on it.

This is really interesting because it proof us that Apple doesn't live on its own bubble. They listen.

We often forget that great things take years to bake. Another interesting tweet is from Peter Steinberger

Catalyst (Marzipan) was supposed to be ready last year, and SwiftUI probably next one. The fact that we got everything at the same time also shows us how as big as Apple is, they still deal with software estimations, they're humans just like us.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we should have a little more faith on them, if not for the company, for the individuals working on it. Remember this when we get frustrated again because something is missing. It's all a question of time.

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