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I’ve always been fascinated about all the culture behind the dotfiles, those files that people have automated to be installed on a new computer to have everything like they want. Configuration for development programs, terminal, aliases, colors... But the the truth is that I’ve only seen all of this from far away. I was very interested but all this kind of things come from the necessity and I’ve never had this necessity, until now.

Recently I have been developing in other computers and also I had to setup a new computer at work. With this I realized that I really like having all my workspace be ready to go as quick as posible. It’s not just about the time, but to solve a simple problem: you always forget something. And here is when dotfiles come in handy.

I just will point you to GitHub dotfiles page, it's a really good start. I'm also a big fan of Zach Holman and I recommend you to take a look at his setup.

My recommendation is that you read A LOT before doing anything. Honestly this is not difficult, but there isa lot of little things that you have to think about it and that people has already solved, so it’s better to document yourself before writing a single line of code.

For now I’m using Dotbot to bootstrap my setup, and combining this with some scripts that I already had, it’s working fine for now. There is still somethings that I want to improve but what I’ve now it’s already useful.

So now is your turn!

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