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How I watch the WWDC videos

Yesterday I saw this tweet from Diego talking about how he watches WWDC videos:

The post is really interesting and gives some interesting advices for all of us. Because this year I also changed my technique I wanted to write it down, for the record.

The first thing that I did this year was create a note in Evernote listing all the available talks linking the online videos. Once the WWDC was finished this was just as easy as copy and paste the list from the WWDC 2015 website.

Because I knew from other years that after some days it’s really difficult to continue watching the talks, this time I wanted to make things more simple. Apart from the note with the videos I created another note called WWDC 2015 Highlights.

Then I started watching the videos at 2x with VLC and taking notes of the things that I found really important. Sometimes even taking screenshots and saving them into that note, so later I don’t have to find the slide. Quick and easy.

One little thing that I also do is mark the talks that I know I probably will be interested in the future with a different color on the list.

Then I take the highlights and for the ones that I want to take a deeper look I create a Playground, a sample project or just play with the samples given by Apple. From that, usually, I expand my notes about the topic or even (rarely) create a blog post. Other times I directly use the new thing to incorporate it immediately in to some pet project. Usually all this stuff never sees the light of the sun but yey!, the point here is to learn.

It’s been a while since I started watching things at 2x. From gameplays in Youtube to tech talks (I even created an script for that), same goes with podcasts (you can listen my opinions on the episode 2409: Consume podcasts a gran velocidad). And to be honest I don’t regret it. I find really important having the ability to watch more content in the small amount of time that this lives gives us.

Every one has a different approach to learning, this is mine. After 60 watched talks I really think this is working for me.

And thanks again to Diego for sharing his technique with us.

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