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It's O'Clock

After a long day of hard work I endup having many apps open. Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Simulators, the terminal... when it's six o'clock I want to close everything work related instantaneously whiteout effort.


This is one of the simplest but most used little tools I have in my computer. A script that kills all applications. To have your own version just make an sh file and add the following:

  • killall for most applications
killall Xcode

In macOS you can use killall followed by the name of an application to kill all its related processes.

  • kill with pgrep for other binaries
kill -9 $(pgrep Electron) # Visual Studio Code

For some applications, the app name doesn't correspond directly with the process identifier so it's a little harder to kill.

For those pesky ones use kill -9 $(pgrep NAME) to find the process id of the app and kill that process.

I personally like to finish it with a little message and also killing the terminal to keep everything clean:

echo "Go home now..."
killall Terminal

Now you just need to put this script in /usr/local/bin and name it however you want (mine is called six because I run it at 6 O'Clock).

Now when is time to stop working you can run that command from the terminal and go home.

Go home

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