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Lawful Times 1 & 2, review

I approached the Lawful Times series from a position of having watched the author's YouTube videos for a long time and sharing some of his taste about fiction. Considering this, I was certain that I would, at the very least, find the experience enjoyable. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself captivated and craving more from this series.

Rating: 3/5

But I had another motive to read Daniel's words: to convince myself that I could write too. As someone who has been grappling with self-doubt regarding the worthiness of putting my thoughts into words, I actively seek any fragment that can fuel the self-confidence required to embark on such an endeavor. Seeing what Daniel has accomplished is another stone in the unfinished building of trusting myself. With this, I don't mean to diminish his work. Quite the opposite. He has accomplished something many could only dream of. But it also helps me believe, and, as with many things in life, that's the first step towards going anywhere. The rest is time and dedication and, well, that will need other stones and bricks.

But let's talk about the series itself.

I'm very intrigued by all the possibilities of the world building. That is not something that happens often, but it's also not surprising seeing the amount of reading that Daniel has made and how much of it matches my taste. Watching the videos where he explains a bit of the world building and magic system also makes me desire to see even more stories based on this world. What I really liked the most in these first two novellas is how they are so character focused. The plot leaves the intriguing world-building as a backdrop for an emotionally intense story. It would have been very easy to focus on the interesting bits of the world and its magic, but that would have made for a poor story. Very well done and something to learn from.

The other aspect I liked is how the words are not shy about using swear words when necessary. I always find most prose to be severely censored when, in reality, most people swear from time to time. Used poorly can make the text become distasteful, but when used appropriately, it makes me feel closer to the characters and the reality they are living.

Another notable aspect of Daniel's words is their fearless embrace of horror and visceral scenes. They are far and between, but when they come, they pack a big punch. Others would have skimmed through the events in the scene without focusing on delivering the impact they needed. I really appreciate Daniel being bold delivering the perfect amount of explicitness in the moments where the story benefited from it. Touché.

Overall, I admire the smart move of starting with novellas. It brings the focus to a concise plot and lets us taste of this world while leaving us wanting more. I hope Daniel returns to this series soon because I want to see how things progress forward.

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