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Octopress 3.0

Lately I’ve been working on move my site, again, to Jekyll. Using directly the original Jekyll and keeping my customizations apart from the source I think that I accomplished what I wanted and at the same time I don’t will not have much problem to keep up with updates.

Today I was looking for some scripts to create automatically posts and pages and I’ve found the announcement of Octopress 3.0.

Before having this website in Squarespace I tried Octopress. The problem that I had is exactly what that post explains, it was not so easy to customize it and keep it updated at the same time. But now Octopress is just a bunch of gems so you can use the CLI tools to improve your Jekyll experience without separating yourself from the Jekyll core, and that’s promising.

I’m looking forward to incorporate this gems into my workflow. I have the new site almost finished but I want to make sure that I don’t break anything, specially the podcast (keeping the RSS subscribers it’s the most painful think when you don’t control the feed).

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