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Open-Sourcing as a company culture

The last post of this blog was inspired by Artsy, and so is this one. I swear I don’t do it in purpose ^^

This time I want to link to their post about Sharing. I also write about being afraid of sharing (and I still have to improve on that aspect), but for those ones that liked that post I really recommend reading about the Open-Sourcing Company Culture at Artsy and watch Ash’s talk Life at Artsy: Teaching & Learning.

I really freaking love the culture of Artsy. I know them thanks to Orta and Ash, and for all the work that the mobile team has done. Now I’m really curious how they come up with a way of being more open in other parts of the company.

I wish more companies followed that approach, Open Source by Default. And not only in the technical side of things. There are many things that companies keep private because they think it’s a value for the business when it really isn’t. And is hard for business people to realize that.

I hope that this path started by Artsy is just the beginning and we all can enjoy the benefits of being open in our jobs.

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