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PointFree Composable Architecture showcase

PointFree has released a library with their Composable Architecture and I've been showing it a little bit on livestreams and videos. This page wants to serve as an index and a summary for this content.

I want to thank Brandon and Stephen for giving me early access to the library. That has allowed me to get my hands dirty with the code and to make this content in order to hype more people ^^

If you want in-depth material their videos will do a better job than me. Consider this a What's the point? from an outsiders perspective.

Building a macOS App with TCA

The streamings I've been doing are about developing a macOS application with SwiftUI and the composable architecture. I've focused more on showing what the architecture can do than on the app itself so it should be a good way of seeing what the library is capable to do.

You can see next a list of the livestreams I've done, together with clips from them showcasing specific things.


Part 1 serves as an introduction to the application I want to make, some SwiftUI and main concepts behind the architecture. I had some connection issues so we had to stop short.

Part 2 continues with the development of the application but focusing more on 3 things that I wanted to showcase. I've made clips of those examples so you can watch directly how the architecture gives us elegant solutions.

Unit testing example

This clip shows how unit testing with this architecture is not only more simple but also more powerful and fun. And making unit tests fun to write is a huge endeavour.

High order reducers and debugging

This clip serves as an introduction to the concept of high order reducers. It also shows a specific high order reducer that makes it really easy to debug your application and to get a feeling of how a feature works without looking at the code.

Building Time Travel from scratch under 1h

When I announced that I wanted to build time travel into the application I was not really convinced I would pull it off in a livestream. But it was totally possible! This only speaks to how great are the powerful concepts behind TCA and how flexible it is. I can't wait to have a more polished version of this on every application!

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