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Runeterra Wallpapers Downloader tool released

Legends of Runeterra has become one of my favourite games. I started playing it since the beta was available and haven't stopped since. It caught me by surprise, but it's been one of the few games that I've played for so long. It was just a question of time that I found some little project to mix the passion for this game with the passion for coding.


LoR is a great card game with many good things that I could talk about for a while. I've played other collectible card games before but, apart from MtG in university, I didn't like any of them that much. But the quality of the game, its mechanics, its great pricing model it is not what I want to talk about it today. Today is all about the amazing art it has.

The first thing you see when you open the game is a stunning animated art piece of one character and region. From that point on, you just keep being more impressed by the art on every card. And not only that, but that art is telling you a story, the story of Runeterra.

Inevitably, I wanted all those amazing art pieces as wallpapers for my device. And that's why I made this little tool: Runeterra Wallpaper Downloader.


This tool downloads the official card assets from Legends of Runeterra and copies the card full screen art into the desired location. I built this to help me keep up to date the wallpapers every time a new set is released. Doing it manually takes too much time since the assets come organised in folders that have together the card images and the full screen art, also those folders contain images for the spells which don't have big images that can be used as wallpapers.

The tool is of course built with Swift following the typical SPM structure for CLI tools: there is a package with the core code and an executable target with just the CLI. It makes it super nice to work with, and it allows the core code to be used in other projects.

As always, I have some more ideas for improvements that could be nice to do at some point. But as it is right now is usable, so there is no reason to hold it back. I want everybody to enjoy the amazing art of Runeterra!

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