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Ship your app weekly

Shipping frequently helps prevent something I call the “ivory tower syndrome.” I'm a perfectionist. I can spend a lot of time perfecting things that are good enough. A tight schedule forces me to make choices. It helps me figure out what parts need extra attention and where corners can be cut. If a particular problem is important enough for me I'll find time to resolve it. Usually by staying late or investing some of my spare time.

If I had an ivory tower —that is, if I wasn't shipping every week — I would spend most of my time in it. I would keep polishing forever. Never to venture out into the world. Never giving users a chance to tell me that I'm solving a particular problem the wrong way, that I'm building something users don't need, or simply, that I'm wrong.

This is exactly how I feel. I have to change my mind, ship things even they are not perfect. I hope soon you will see the App that I'm working on.