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Sometimes Swift library

Sometimes is a small Swift library that makes it easy to run code... sometimes. Well, actually, just once.

Sometimes.execute(key) { // This will run just once }
It was highly inspired by RateLimit and with the additions that SwiftyUserDefaults provides to the NSUserDefaults in order to remove its stringly typed nature.

Each block of code is associated to a SometimesKey. No stringly typed API here.

let key = SometimesKey("test_key")
Then just execute it using the key.

Sometimes.execute(key) { // This will run just once }

Keys are persisted by default in the NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults().

A function to remove all keys is also provided.

I have a couple of features that I want to add but for now this is the only one that I needed for the project that I’m working on.

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