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Swift Forums embraces the community

Today I woke up to receive great news for the Swift community. The Swift Forums now have a new section to talk about some community projects!

On the post that I wrote at the beginning of the year about wishes for Swift in 2018 this was one of the main aspects I was criticising about the forums. People wants a better Swift ecosystem and one of the first steps towards that was to make it easy for the community to join forces.

At first the official answer was that this conversations should happen in the "Using Swift" category which was far from ideal for a lot of us. Thankfully they were open for improvements, after all the forums were still really young.

This is something that has already been discussed and the team that manages the forum is open to include this category in the forums if it becomes necessary.

Now, some months later, the Swift team has accepted that the Swift forum is a great place for the community to be so conversations about community projects should happen also there. 🎉

They created a whole new category called "Related Projects" that includes different sub-categories for the most well known and community driven Swift projects.

This new category starts with Kitura, SourceKitten, SwiftLint, SwiftNIO, SwiftProtobuf and Vapor but they mention that project owners can propose new sub-categories in GitHub. That's great!

The Swift team has still lots of things to do if they want the language to fullfill its purpose. My post of wishes goes into more detail by taking a look at the Rust community and all the efforts they're doing, and since I wrote that post they're doing even more things!

Swift is a great language with a community that still has a lot to learn but I'm glad to see the core team making this changes to help us all.

Thanks! 🙏🏻

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