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SwiftUI macOS color picker

A couple of weekends ago I was reading my Twitter timeline and I, don't know how, ended up in this old tweet.

I immediately thought that it would be a cool little project to build a color picker with SwiftUI that followed those rules. I just wanted to have some fun and practice a bit.


That ended up being one of the things I worked on my streams for a couple of sessions. Now it's in a decent state and it does what I wanted it to do. So I'm done :)

But before I move on to something else I wanted to open source the code for demonstration purposes. Is not a production ready application but I think it serves as a simple example of what SwiftUI can do.

One thing I like about this little application is that it is so simple that it doesn't need any complex architecture, not even a view model! It's really nice to do simple things sometimes.

You can check the code on GitHub alexito4/mantia-color-picker.

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