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We can be genius, kind of

It's easy and frankly unfair for me to call these people geniuses and wizards. When compared to my baseline laziness, a lot of people qualify for the genius status.

I agree with this part. I really hate when some people call others "genius", "super..." or "cracks" in spanish. Because what I think is... well I also can be that good. Maybe it sounds pretentious in my part but guys it´s the truth. I still remember a year ago when a "genius" was talking about Objective-C runtime and all the people left the room with headache and I was like "yeah, it's been an interesting talk". Don´t get me wrong, he is really good. All its relative, who may be a genius for me maybe is mediocre for you. Who knows!

They work very very hard. Harder than you can imagine, and for something you may deem an utter waste of a human life.

That's the other flip of the coin, in which I don't agree. It's true that you can accomplish almost everything with hard work, but let's be honest, there are people that is better than other people. And for that I always remember the first part of Naruto, when Lee has to work really hard to be at the level of their friends because he can't control the chakra, but at the end the difference is there. We have to accept it.


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