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WWDC 20 day two, enjoying the new session format

After having absorbed the keynote and SotU the wait for the sessions started. But with patience, and thanks to the constant flow of time, California o'clock arrived and, after a little delay, we got the first batch of WWDC20 sessions!

First of all, I love the new format.

Seeing the presenters in a "real" environment, so beautiful as is Apple's campus, is way more engaging than dark rooms and slides. And the fact that they can now be flexible with time is so welcomed. If they don't have one hour of content they just cut it short. It feels like my 2x technique is not that necessary this year.

Looking at the announcements and session titles it feels like there was not too many new things. At least I don't have the feeling that there are a lot to keep track of.

Because of that, and because of the new format and short videos, this year I took a slightly different approach for my note taking.

In previous years I was taking notes of every little detail and I ended up being overwhelmed. This time I'm just taking notes about what I find really important. Even for new frameworks I think their usage is quite obvious and not many notes are needed. And with the videos being so short rewatching them is not a big deal. We'll see how it goes!

I've created WWDC20 session notes post that will be updated constantly with the new things I find interesting.

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