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WWDC 18 expectations and review

One thing that I always want to do is talk about WWDC before and after it happens. I used to do it when my podcast was active but without it I didn't find the place or the time to give my opinions.

But I'm happy that this year I found the time to do both!

I gave my 10 expectations for WWDC the weekend before it started.

  • Cheaper iCloud
  • iCloud Functions in Swift
  • Faster automatic updates and more control on app versions?
  • Custom Watch faces
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Dark mode
  • Workflow framework
  • Not buggy iOS 12
  • Improvements for devs
  • Better deep linking integration

But I didn't stop there! After watching the Keynote and the State of the Union I recorded my opinions about this year announcements. Only 4 of my expectations were full-filled, but other interesting stuff came up!

I recorded more than 1h of footage that I had to edit down to 25min. That reminds me why I had a podcast 😅

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