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WWDC20 day one, getting ready for the week ahead

WWDC Monday finished! And what an evening! For the first time I was able to stay awake to watch the SotU live and it was great ^^ The problem is how then I spend a couple of hours playing with SwiftUI and time flew by.

And this morning I've woken up very early to reflect on the announcements and give my view of the keynote. You can watch the following video to get the full picture.

I'm very happy with the keynote. There has not been much revolutionary things, apart from the start of a new Mac era of course. I'm fine with a year of evolution, having to deal with revolution every year is too much. And we already had last year for that.

What I was more grateful for was the format of the keynote. I was very afraid they wouldn't make a good show. During the pandemic I've seen other major companies do a very poor job with their conferences, and I didn't want that to happen to Apple. Why? Because for me WWDC is all about the show. It's not just about the material. New frameworks, documentation, etc. All of that is nice but can happen any day for any technology. What makes this week special is how I enjoy watching all of this unfold from my couch with popcorn.

And I have to say, I really enjoyed this new format. The high quality production makes up for the fact that is not live. And I think it's even better in some aspects. It lets the presentation get straight to the point and be free to make cuts and edits that make sense for the flow.

Furthermore, now everybody has realised that watching the keynote from home has its advantages. I've been having fun seeing how everybody was excited for a "remote WWDC" when for me (and the majority of people) it's always been like that. Nothing has changed this year for us, except the got a much better format.

Now I need to start preparing my J.O.B. for the summer and wait for the sessions to show up at Californian time. I can't wait!

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