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Xi Editor, the piece of software that hypes me the most

One of the most interesting parts of software is decoupling. Although not the kind of decoupling that we are all used to in our code, but the kind that decouples parts of a system from itself at execution level, a dream where software can talk with each other. Sadly that is not really extended nowadays at an application level, so any little piece of software that tries to do something like that calls my attention.

One project that draws my attention in this aspect is xi-editor, a modern editor with a backend written in Rust.

The most interesting aspect is that it separates the Rust backend from front ends built in native UI frameworks for each platform.

Another important aspect is that it's building a plugin system based on RPC that will allow developers to write plugins in any language!

Granted, it is in very early stages of development but the goals really hype me. If you are interested on a text editor, on Rust or in this kind of architecture that separates software itself I recommend you to follow the progress of xi!

This is the kind of project that reflects my opinions on development. High performance by being close to the metal, beauty by using native UI and UX, reliability by sandboxing each vulnerable piece of the app and extensible by plugins in any language.

We can build amazing things without relying on the web for everything.

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