Alejandro Martinez


Job -

I worked for 3 years at Sixtemia Mobile Studio.

There I had the opportunity to develop, with a great team, a lot of projects of all kind.

Here are some Apps in which I worked. Product catalogs, social networking, radio and television, medical apps and so on. Also the some private in-house applications for large companies that can't be listed here.

Zown catalog, for iOS and Andorid

The app allows to access the Zown catalog, updated in real-time. Besides offering the possibility to download the device to read offline to the Internet

La Marató de TV3, for iOS and Android

App official "La Marató de TV3", through which you can make donations, see the scoreboard, search activities, consult information...

Meteo Alarm, for iOS and Android

Meteo Alarm notifies each day of inclement weather and makes it easy to maintain the awnings through a series of recommendations.

Zown, for iOS and Android

The app allows to access the Zown catalog, updated in real-time. Besides offering the possibility to download the device to read offline to the Internet.

Unnimcasa, for iOS and Android

The application allows you to:

  • Property search list.
  • Property search by map.
  • Property search around your position.
  • Financing and simulators.
  • Do you know how to get there? .
  • Detailed information.
  • Special.

El gran teatre del liceu, for iOS and Android

The main goal that we set with the theater has been studied so as to provide optimal scheduling seasons via the mobile channel.

David Villa Official App

Official app of football player David Villa destined to bring the player to the fans. It was the first mobile app developed by a professional football player.

TV3, for iOS and Android

TV3's official application, which allows access to videos on demand, live channel...

Rosa Clará

Catalog of the collections Rosa Clara for iOS devices.The application enables you to take a look to the latest products brand to offer a more comprehensive tool to manage the organization of a wedding.


Kettal is a leading company in the field of outdoor furniture. In this project we have helped bring its catalog on the iPad, among other features, for iOS and Android

This application for mobile phones and tablets can follow the live iCat and other broadcasters as iCatjazz musical group, Totcat, iCatTrònica, and iCatRumba iCatMón. You can also find all audio on demand, download programs, read the lyrics, access podcasts or keep up with the news that interest you.


Project that developed the app's official radio station FlaixFM. Currently there is already a version 2.0 with more features than the orginal, which also listened to the live streaming has joined the list of successes, podcasts, parties FlaixFM ...


App designed for children to learn animals and their sounds through pet Nestle Good Bear


Application developed by Bloogs Network with the aim of adapting their blogs on smartphones, with the advantage of mobile and save articles to read them later regardless of the Internet connection.


Official app of the leading licensing agency, biplane. The application provides access to the catalog Biplano licenses and access the latest news.


Management tool designed for therapists and patients made.


The application is golfturismo guide and booking platform that allows you to find the best deals on accommodation and green fees for golf courses in Spain.

Mutua Intercomarcal and Mutua Gestores


App que sirve para guardar fotos geolocalizadas con la posibilidad de adjuntar una descripción.

Lumiplus LED, for iOS and Android

Application to control the lighting system. Lighting a pool through the WiFi network.


App para hacer el seguimiento de las películas de tus actores favoritos, que se estrenan en el cine, DVD o hacen por la TV.

Puntcentric, for iOS and Android

Puntcentric application can locate the establishments and their products closer to the user.


Alejandro Martinez

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