Alejandro Martinez


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I was the co-founder of Walipa from July 2012 to July 2013. The idea was to add gamification to business. The shops could offer some challenges yo their customers, things like answering some quiz, making som specific picture or sharing some cool experience with their friends. When the customer completed some challenges and had enough points, he could exchange that points to real prizes, like free beers or discounts :) This could be good for both, the companies and the customers.

Walipa - Promoción from Walipa App on Vimeo.

Walipa quiere ayudar a los negocios a conectar con sus clientes, permitiendo a las empresas involucrar a sus clientes como embajadores del local. Como negocio, podrás premiar a aquellos clientes que hagan promoción de tu local en las redes sociales y dar a conocer tu negocio a mucha más gente.


Alejandro Martinez

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