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Let If Flow, a talk about FRP

Yesterday I gave a talk about Functional Reactive Programming to my coworkers at LifeWorks. At first, I wanted to give some insight about it to the Android team, as they were using Rx for the API layer. But at the end there were more assistants than I expected. From Android and my iOS team to Web and backend developers. So I had to do the talk as generic as posible (although the code is in Swift) and also try to convince everyone about how this is the next step.

I prepared the talk in the past week, because next Wednesday will go in holidays and for other personal reasons I didn't know when I was going to be able do do it otherwise. I spent the week writing the content and notes in a markdown file and letting the awesome Deckset app turn it into a beautiful presentation. I really liked the process of it, it has been years since I prepared any kind of presentation, and doing it in plain text is an amazing experience.

I also have to thank Anna for letting me use some pictures for the backgrounds. I wanted to use a metaphor that compares FRP streams to a river flowing with data, so, since the beginning, I knew I wanted so use her pictures of nature.

And obviously big thanks for all the inspiration

The talk went well. People really liked it and they even asked some questions, which is really good because shows their interest in the topic and that they were listening and not only there for the food! :D

You can check the slides here:

I wanted to record somehow the talk, but there were some complications and at the end I totally forgot. Some slides by themselves don't make much sense but hey!, better than nothing I guess.

Again, I feel like this topic is already old, and is one of the big reasons why I usually don't even try to do any kind of talk even if I enjoy them so much. I've been writing a blog or recording a podcast in some form or another since I was 15, so I clearly enjoy expressing my thoughts and teaching people, but that feeling that in reality I don't have anything useful to say is still in the back on my mind.

Well, at least I did this one and I helped some people with it, so there goes nothing! ^^

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