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Release of Survive! The Game of Life

A couple of months ago I wrote a small prototype of the well known Conway's Game of Life. This kind of simulation has always fascinated me. Giving a set of rules and an initial state to the computer and let maths (and life) do its job has something special.

In December I realized that I didn’t want to end the year without finishing a couple of things. And this one was in the list. After a couple of afternoons I finished a simple version of the iOS App.

I had more things on the list, and a lot of them are still in my pending folder, but at least this one was crossed from there.

It is important for me to finish things. Because my nature makes me start a lot of projects about interesting topics that at the end I never finish. This is one of the things that I always wanted to improve, and even if I still find something really useful in quenching my curiosity, I think that finishing some of this projects is really valuable to avoid the feeling that I’m not accomplishing anything.

So, after one month being in review here it is (yeha, as usual issues with the review process, but this time they have been really nice).

The Game of Life.

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