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WindowCapture, screenshot windows with RxSwift

A while ago I wondered how easy would be to make a screenshot of a window in OS X from another application using some system API. With that idea in mind last Christmas I started a project that ended up being too time consuming.

I decided to pause that bigger project for now, but no before extracting the piece of code that was making the window screenshots, so at least I had something that answered my original question.

WindowCapture is a small wrapper on top of a couple of Quartz APIs that let you precisely do that using a Swift API with some reactive extensions.

I also took the opportunity to fight my fear of talking in english on the internet. I have to admit that was a bad day to record, I usually talk better (I think), but NO FEAR. Next time I will stop trying to do it perfectly, which I think was the problem of that evening.

But stop reading and watch my code review about it:

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