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Documentation in game development

The other day I was talking about games with my friend Marc and we ended up talking about Don’t Starve, an amazing game. He confess me a little frustration about the fire camps, he never knows how much fuel they have left. The conversation ended there but the day after I came up with a simple mod that helps with just that.

In just a couple of hours I learnt just enough of how modding Don’t Starve work, that’s a nice thumbs up for them. They have a nice components system that makes some things really easy. I have some experience modding Minecraft and I have to say that working with that component system seems really nice.

The problem that I have with this games that allow/support modding is the poor documentation that they have. I find it weird cause the documentation should not be only something useful for the modding community, but for the original developers themselves.

Documenting code and APIs it’s not an important practice in the game dev world?

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